Galata Chemicals. 

"I am the shipper/receiver at Galata Chemicals, and I want to comment on a couple of things...

We've had your operators drop by once a month for an LTL pickup. I've met maybe three or four in the past year.

1) Without Question, your fleet is the nicest fleet of all that come here, bar none. Beautiful trailers and power units. Tip top shape and always spotless inside and out. Thanks for that. It makes me (us) feel like our freight and our business is important to your company. 

2) Returning to the operators, each whom I have met are are truly professional and more than pleasant to deal with. You have a team of which you can be justifiably proud. A special shout out goes to your driver Al, he is a terrific ambassador for your outfit. 

Always a pleasure to see a TNS vehicle backing up to our docks!"

Dean Miller 


AST Stone Ltd. 

"We have been working with Transport N Service for a number of years.  They provide excellent service and assistance.

Transport N Service is a customer focused company that always goes the extra mile to provide the best service possible. They are helpful with preparing the necessary paperwork required when dealing with shipments to and from the USA. We don’t have to worry about the shipment from the moment it leaves our location and Transport N Service communicates directly with the other end for a smooth transaction.

Transport N Service makes it easy to do business with them because their responses to inquiries are quick, they are easy to communicate with whether through email or by phone.  They make sure the quality of service is top notch and deliveries are always on time. 

We would definitely recommend Transport N Service for the transportation needs!"

Americo Tomas 


Coating Specialty Inc.

"For close to a decade now Transport N Service has proven to me that they are simply the best for my cross border needs!  From scheduling with TNS to delivering to my customer 2,500 miles away I can rest assured that my freight is in the most capable hands.  Their drivers punctual & accommodating and their equipment is always clean & well maintained.  Also Karen has been a huge help brokering other carriers and in communication with my customers & vendors to help with a smooth transaction for each shipment.  I am happy to say they are on top of my short list of go to carriers that have made my position here just a little easier.”

Rick Burston
Logistics Coordinator


GateWay Freight Systems Inc.

"We have partnered with Transport N Service for over 15 years.  Shawn and the entire operations staff are always up front and honest about what they can do and how they can do it.  They have been proactive in helping with solutions for not only us but our customers as well.  They work towards solutions to avoid problems before they become problems, but if there is a problem they are always available and willing to go the extra mile to resolve it quickly.  I would not hesitate to recommend partnering with Transport N Service for your transportation needs."

Jason House, CTB
Operations Co-ordinator

John G. Wilson Machine Ltd.

"John G Wilson Machine Ltd.  has been a Transport N’ Service customer for a number of years.  We have used them for anything from 1 skid LTL to full truck loads all over the US and Canada, and regardless of the size of the shipment the service is always the same, remarkable. It has also been my experience that anytime I call and need to get a shipment out I know I can always depend on TNS for both getting the shipment taken care of and competitive pricing.  Their dependability and service put them above a lot of carriers which is why I have recommended TNS to many of my customers when they are in search of a trucking company and have always heard good reviews after the shipments."

Karen Thompson
Logistics Co-Ordinator

Kuri Tec

"Kuri Tec Corporation is the warehouse and sales division of Kuriyama Canada, a manufacturer of PVC Hose and tubing located in Brantford Ontario.

With warehouses all around the US, TNS looks after our California and Houston warehouses as well as direct customer in Bristol Tennessee. In addition to full truck loads TNS on a number of occasions has helped us out with LTL freight and with the same level of service as our full truck loads. TNS also is more than willing to help out when our other carrier(s) can't accommodate us.

On any given week and sometimes with little notice TNS has always been willing to drop a trailer in order for our guys to get it loaded and ready to go. Once the truck is ready and export documents drawn up it's as simple as sending an email.

The value that TNS adds to their service is once the truck is built and paperwork is cut there are no worries that the goods won't deliver. That in itself is a reason why I wouldn't hesitate to recommend TNS as a freight carrier.

In my opinion Keith and the TNS team meets and or exceeds our expectations as a freight carrier."

Dave Amos, Sales & Warehouse Manager
Jan Wolff, Purchasing & International Logistics 


 Lareff Transportation Services

"I appreciate it when a person at TNS I wish to speak to is busy, who ever has answered the phone will try to help out without waiting to play telephone tag

I feel that I have always been given honest and truthful answers without being storied so we can all work with a situation immediately

I also enjoy the easy going and professional way things are handled, along with good humour

I would have no problem what so ever recommending them, which I have done on many occasions, I have been in this business for 14 years and if I know TNS services an area where I have freight I will always call them."

Cathy Henning
Operations Manager 

Latham Pool Products

"I would like to take a moment to express our appreciation for all that Transport N Service does for Latham Pool Products. We have been very satisfied with the services we have received over the many years of doing business together. With the many challenges that come from being a seasonal business in the pool industry, it is vital that we have a transport company like Transport N Service that understands our business and aids us in meeting the needs of our customers.

The drivers that are assigned for our shipments are professional, punctual and always friendly to deal with. Truck availability is always at the utmost importance to us at Latham Pool Products and all year long Transport N Service consistently comes through.

Keith, our account manager, has been a major factor in our continued relationship with Transport N Service. His experience and commitment to providing us with the best transport service available makes the decision to call Transport N Service an easy one. He is always readily available on the phone and continuously meets our expectations.

We look forward to many more years of successful and on time business with Transport N Service and would not hesitate to recommend your services to any potential company.

Jay Catalig
Distribution & Logistics Manager


Mazak Corporation Canada

“When it comes to freight companies there are loads of good reasons to like Transport N Service,  I highly appreciate the teams response time, professionalism and dedication.  Their rates are good, most important their fleet is well maintained and that reflects on the care provided to the commodities they are entrusted with.”

Adriana Viik
Service Administrator

 North American Logistics Service Inc.

"Transport N Service offers a level of service unparalleled in the transportation industry. Requests for bookings, availability and tracings are all answered lightning fast – usually we get an answer back within 3 minutes of sending an email. All the staff is easy to get along with, understands all of our needs, and goes above and beyond to ensure we’re taken care of, and that the job always gets done the right way. On top of this, they’re not scared of thinking outside the box and offering us solutions to our transportation requests that would be impossible for other carriers to service properly.

The extremely fast, friendly, no-nonsense, and reliable way of doing business has made TNS our most trusted transportation partner. We hold them in a higher class than any other carriers, and would recommend them to anyone."

Jeff Davis 
Operations Manager  

ProMinent Fluid Controls Ltd

"When I am in a pinch or need to move freight, my first choice is Transport N Service.  We move freight all over the country and trust them to do everything in their power to deliver on time.  Transport N Service also covers our regular lanes and ensures it is picked up and delivered at the same time each week.  We appreciate all that you do!"

Elise Poschner
MRP Controller  

Stance Healthcare

"We at Stance Healthcare, use Transport-N-Service for the majority of our freight logistic needs. We find TNS an “easy to work with”, competitive, no pressure company who meets our everyday needs and are willing to go the extra mile to meet a difficult or odd freight requirement. Issues in the past that have arisen like border issues, freight damage etc. have been dealt with in an efficient manner with TNS again going the extra mile to make sure we the customer, are protected. I think what is unique to TNS is their flexibility and personable nature. I would definitely recommend TNS to anyone looking for a freight company to partner with."

Brian Kennedy
Owner & Production Manager

Station Park Logistics

"Thank you all for doing such a great job!

Basically your business model is doing what I would consider is common sense stuff.  However not many carriers do this properly....and if they do...still not to the extent you guys do.

You can not call a common carrier and get a rate, transit time and availability from one person.  I first have to ask one person if they can load and deliver within the requested time restraints...then get a rate.  Takes forever to do so....on the phone or via email."

Jeff Coffey
Load Brokerage & Sales 

Trojan Tire Inc.

 “I have used Transport N Service for over 5 years, and they are much more than your average trucking company.  Transport N Service is awesome for California shipments, but also awesome for other U.S states as well. We recently used their services for AL and WV with excellent pricing and service for our customers.  Their staff is knowledgeable, friendly and great to work with.  They maintain great drivers and equipment, which is hard to find these days.  I would highly recommend getting a quote and trying their services today. Special thanks to Karen for her hard work and getting the job done."

Susan DeCarlo
Freight Coordinator  

 Werner Enterprises

"I have been doing business with Transport N Service since 1997. I have never been disappointed with the service I receive.  They are one of the carriers I can always count on to be honest.  I have to say that the people I started dealing with in the beginning are still with the company.  I can also call them 24 hours a day 7 days a week and get an answer if I have a question about my load."

Donna Presswood 
Logistics Specialist-Canada   



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