State of the Art Fleet

Transport N Service achieves superlative levels of dependability by deploying a high-specification and ultra-modern fleet, supported by an exemplary and rigorous maintenance program that is second to none. Our fleet has well-kept equipment, and all maintenance is carried out by our own onsite team of highly skilled technicians. We strongly believe that prevention is better than cure, and take special pride in the appearance and mechanical soundness of our equipment.

Our fleet consists of late-model trucks that are equipped with all the amenities that a professional driver could dream of. CB radios, satellite radios, fridges, power inverters and leather interiors, just to name a handful. Our trucks are equipped the way an owner-operator would equip their truck.

Our trailer fleet is comprised of the highest quality late model trailers; they are all HIGH CUBE logistic trailers in order to ensure that all freight, regardless of size or shape, can be properly secured for safe transportation. Our fleet of trailers includes dry boxes and heaters.