Staff Directory


Recruiting &

Driver Services

Recruiting  Ext. 8270


Dispatch Manager Peter Wierstra  Ext. 8222
Outbound Dispatch  Dave Philp Ext. 8235
Inbound Dispatch Ashley Benallick Ext. 8228
  Todd Schaefer Ext. 8225
  Rob  Logan Ext. 8249
  Yvonne Bugg Ext. 8229
Local Dispatch (Ontario) Jaime Magana Ext. 8226
Evening Dispatch Alanna Bettridge Ext. 8232


Accounting Administrator Christine Peynado Ext. 8240
Accounts Receivable  Aimee Ouellette Ext. 8259
Customer Service Danielle Crowder Ext. 8255
Customs Clearances (Outbound) Judy Rae Ext. 8253
Customs Clearances (Inbound) Brenda Robinson Ext. 8247
POD (Proof of Deliveries)

Logistics and Sales

Account Manager Mark Stalker Ext. 8219
Business Development Manager Stan Wasylchuk Ext. 8220
Logistics Manager Karen Huizinga Ext. 8245
Logistics Coordinator Steve White Ext. 8227
Logistics Coordinator Carol Doig Ext. 8224

Safety & Compliance


Safety & Compliance Co-Ordinator 

Mike Holmes  Ext. 8265 

Safety & Compliance Co-Ordinator

Kim Lee Ext. 8257



Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Manager Matt Witney Ext. 8230
Fleet Admin Colin Murphy Ext. 8223 


Senior Operations Manager Marc De Iuliis Ext. 8243
Controller  Richard Mack Ext. 8221